Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fashion Challenged

Well, if there's one thing I can say for sure that's been said thousands of times before me, "It is hard to be fashionable when pregnant."

I felt it from the moment I bloated to 5 lbs heavier at 4 weeks and could barely fit into anything cute, much less anything maternity...

Fashion certainly holds less relevant to me right now. All I want to do is find something that fits. After that, I can start to think about cute and fashionable.

I've already spent about $300 on new bras (I went up 2-3 sizes), 2 pairs of maternity jeans, 2 pairs of maternity pants, 1 maternity top, and 2 sweaters and I still need basic shirts, a dress, and a coat (much less undies and duplicates of what I already have). I'm running out of funds to get these other things, especially the coat, which will be very expensive. I've already made myself 3 stretchy skirts that fit me, and I'll probably make one more.

So I'll be trying to make myself some basic shirts. And, maybe, a dress and, if possible, a coat.

I finally found a tutorial online for altering an existing pattern, but, let's face it, I can only make so many shirts with the same exact design, plus I'll need a way to make a cute dress and/or coat. So, what then? Make my own? Nope, I need a pattern. HA! That's hilarious! There are almost NO maternity patterns out there. The only ones I found marginally interesting were from YEARS ago and the styles are really out of date. I can't even imagine how I'm supposed to alter them to make them socially relevant.

Here are the ones I found that were remotely interesting. This is after checking the websites of Burda, Simplicity, McCalls, Butterick, Vogue (who have none), and more. Plus, I checked Ebay and Googled for vintage and out of print patterns. HA! Good luck to me...
Burda 8378 - but they only have 2 styles of shirt and the pants are hideous
Burda 8377 - dress is cute, but it's for summer (this is a typical problem--all maternity patterns are for summer) and it's out of date...
Simplicity 5756 - Decent tops and dresses, but so out of style. And I would never ever make the pants.
Burda 7800 - this is the cutest one I found overall, but unfortunately is so complicated I wouldn't finish it before I had the baby...

So, I guess I'm fashion challenged for now. At least I look good in my maternity skinny jeans and the remaining non-maternity tops that still fit me! I can maintain some style for now. :-)