Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Got this in email today: Gifts for expecting or new moms

Got this in an email today and thought it was interesting. Thought I'd pass it on to you. Yes, it's because I'm too lazy to come up with my own stuff right now. Enjoy!

An all too familiar scene: it’s the holidays and the stores are overflowing with shoppers. Every year, we begin our quest to find the perfect gift for that special someone in our lives. And with so many loved ones on your shopping list, finding that perfect and affordable gift can become a tireless feat, especially when you’re shopping for moms. So, what does mom want for the holidays? Well, she wants all that stress that she has amassed through the year to just melt away. She wants to be pampered. This holiday season, don’t fall back on impersonal gift cards - give the gift that keeps giving even after the holidays are over.

Belli, the world’s safest skincare line available to address the specific issues of pregnant women, new moms and babies, has released their holiday gift sets for moms-to-be, new moms and babies. Belli’s holiday gift sets remind us all to take a little time for ourselves and to care for others. Including some of their best and popular products, each set gives busy moms, mothers-to-be and babies a medley of safe and effective products to enjoy all year round.

For the New Mom - Belli’s Motherhood Essentials Kit

Motherhood Essentials Kit has everything you need to restore and reclaim your body. Four hero products formulated with proven ingredients that quickly deliver results. Includes: Pure Comfort Nursing Cream, Eye Brightening Cream, Body Firming Serum and Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer.

For the Expecting Mom - Belli’s Pregnancy Pampering Collection

Experience total pampering for your body and mind with Belli Pregnancy Pampering Collection. As you indulge and soothe your skin with your four favorite pregnancy products, you will not only be protecting your body but also your baby’s. Includes: Pampered Pregnancy Body Wash 4 oz, All Day Moisture Body Lotion 4 oz., Elasticity Belly Oil 2 oz. and Skin Smoothing Body Exfolaitor.

For the Newest Addition to the Family - Belli’s Bundle of Joy Gift Set

The Baby Gift Set contains the purest and most gentle ingredients that effectively soothe babies’ skin. Every product in the set is allergy tested and free of artificial dyes, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and other xenoestrogens. Includes:“Calm Me” Hair & Body Wash, “Nourish Me” Enriched Body Lotion, “Pamper Me” Talc-Free Powder, “Protect Me” Diaper Rash Cream.

For more information about Belli and their products, please visit

About Belli (

Founded by Jason Rubin MD and Annette Rubin in 2002, Belli offers a total wellness approach by offering products that feature the pampering benefits of aromatherapy and massage therapy with the heightened screening of a medical company. Belli products are sold at national retailers including Pottery Barn Kids, Mother Works, baby/maternity boutiques, fine spas, and a growing number of physician offices. The entire line can be found on, along with helpful educational articles that teach women about the skin care concerns of pregnancy, motherhood, and infancy.