Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall 2009 Fashion Fun!

So, I would have started off this post saying that fashion was alienating me, except that it turns out it's not. But I do have some strong words about it this season.

First, There was an article about Tim Gunn in Parade magazine this Sunday (the one where he looks like a wax figure because of all the airbrushing). There was a quote from Chloe Dal, winner of season 2, saying how outrageous fashion has become and it's important to stick to what looks good on you and what you know.

Immediately, I go to my Elle September 2009 issue and discover that sure enough, she was right. Excess, excess everywhere: enormous platform shoes, weird shoulder giant-ness, super shiny clothing and accessories are all back in:

But, then, I saw some stuff I liked, like the lovely dresses, 40's styles, and (yes I'll admit it) over-the-knee boots. And it wasn't overly shiny or huge. And I started to think, okay, I can get into this. What's more, in years past I felt like the magazines were screaming to me, "buy, buy, buy!" Now, since the economy has gone a bit downhill, the prices seem a little lower and there's more emphasis on buying key pieces in the magazine, which I appreciate. I always hated feeling like I needed to buy 50 things to be fashionable for the next season. And, maybe I'm starting to get a bit older and being more true to myself.

I don't particularly love the giant shoulder thing, but here's a way I saw it done in a magazine that seems way more wearable. I know it's bad form to see an ad and immediately want what you see, but I actually really like this jacket from Bebe:

And being fashion challenged due to pregnancy, I still think I can pull off a lovely 60's coat and some boots over jeans. We will see!