Monday, August 10, 2009

Store Review: Gucci Outlet in Vacaville

Stars: 0/5

Yep. It was THAT bad. Initially, I was so excited. A Gucci outlet! Within 1.5 hours drive of my house! The first ever! Hooray!

But, it was too good to be true. WAY too good to be true. First, I had to battle horrendous traffic to get to the outlets, so when I got there, I was in a foul, foul mood. Normally, a trip to the nearest badass designer discount store cheers me up. Until I'm forced to wait in line for 20 minutes just to enter the store. That's right. 20 minutes. And all I want to do is look. I've waited in line for stores before. The Coach outlet day after Thanksgiving is a good example. But, in that case, the store was so crowded you couldn't have physically fit more people in it. Here, there were maybe 25 people in a store that could have crammed 100 in there. And the security gaurd acted more like a doorman, saying, "I can let you 3 in, but not you 2." It was outrageous.

So, I finally, FINALLY get in and take a look around. First, the handbags. Not really discounted. Some weren't discounted at all. It was just Gucci regular price. Some were maybe 20% off. Granted, rare for Gucci, but still! It's an outlet! Overall, there was almost nothing remotely affordable (and I mean, again, under $500). Not even a wallet. Not even the clothing. Maybe a shirt for $200, but okay, are you seriously going to buy a plain Gucci shirt for that much money? People won't even know it's Gucci! If you can afford Gucci, you wouldn't shop in an outlet and if you usually shop in an outlet, you wouldn't buy stuff here. At least you shouldn't.

Again, I'll reiterate. Shop elsewhere. Loehmann's, TJ Maxx, or even Jeremy's has great designer stuff and for the $1800 you could spend on a handbag here, spend it on 10 fabulous handbags by someone with better quality and a lesser-known name. Or, buy Gucci at Jeremy's for under $1000. Come on, people!