Friday, May 29, 2009

GIVEAWAY! What latest trend confuses you?

I must be getting old because fashion is starting to confuse me. I spent the last 3 months buried under a pile of work and then on vacation. No one is fashionable at my work. No one. So I have no idea what's trendy or cute around these people. My inspiration comes from magazines and shopping and observing college students on the rare occasions I'm out.

Even when I'm out, San Jose is far from the trendiest place to be, so I'm not getting the full picture and there's only so much trend setting one can do in a fashion-less software company. So, I'm slowly but surely losing touch. That said, I wonder how many of you feel the same way? I've noticed a few trends lately that I saw people wearing in Europe (not here, so much) that I would love to pull off, but just can't believe they are back in style. I mean, they are so what I tried to avoid for years.

Comment on this post by June 6 and tell me what recent style confuses you, you will be entered in a drawing for some Votre Vou ALMOND PIE Rich Soufflé Lotion for the Body (pictured above), a $48 value. I've been told you'll get the prize in a few weeks (not sure how long. I'll send you the details if you win).

So, for now, here's the styles that confuse/surprise me:

High-waisted, poofy minis--really all high waisted minis...

Rompers with shorts. This one is actually cuter than most I've seen. Most look like a scary 90s flashback to me.

Pleated, high waisted pants and shorts: isn't this what I criticized my mother for wearing for YEARS? Now she finally switched to something more flattering. Don't tell her this is in style again!


emily 12:57 PM  

Agree-- totally don't understand the pleats and high waists! EWWW! And I wore rompers once, when I was like 7! I also don't understand fringe, especially on sandals:|Womens_Shoes|Sandals:3417383_Fringe_Me

Andrew 3:21 PM  

Melbourne, Australia...

Why is it that each younger generation has to pretend more and more that they are rockstars 24x7?,21985,25330307-2862,00.html

Anyways just thought you'd get a kick out of it. I really don't want lotion. :)

Megan 3:30 PM  

Anything with draping in between the legs weirds me out too!

Harem Pants, for instance:

I also don't quite understand the whole bodysuit thing:


Melissa 1:21 PM  

For some weird reason, I remember your mom's high wasted "mom" jeans...ha! Man, the 90s rocked, didn't they??