Friday, March 06, 2009

Where are you headed?

A year ago I wondered what the heck I was doing with my life. It wasn't so much that I lacked direction as I wanted to head somewhere else. As I asked the HP (Higher Power) where I should go, I kept hearing nothing but, "Stay where you are." So, with reluctance, I started to explore the things I was interested in pursing for future careers on the side. Of course, I continued knitting, then I started sewing, reading more about fashion, writing about fashion, posting more on the blog, etc.

And now I'm starting to get so much more clarity on the subject. I'm not sure what the future holds, but I do know the HP was right about the job. Things have gotten a lot better here - the work seems more fun and even though at the time I wondered, "Why?" The HP knew that the economy would collapse. He knew I would need a job and I feel incredibly lucky (or blessed?) to have a job.

It gets better: Now I have even more clarity about where my interests should take me. I'm starting to heavily explore my artistic side and my entrepreneurial one. It turns out I am both creative AND practical. So, whether I design clothes, sell clothes, recycle clothes, or all of the above, I know I have the drive and passion for all.

I finally finished the baby sweaters and I'm hoping to have them ready to show you very soon AND I'm getting the pattern ready for you to KNIT! Raj is off to NY for the show tonight and hopefully we'll get TONS of orders, too!


Lauren 4:40 PM  

So I saw this link from your facebook page. That is so awesome. I look forward to seeing the pics of the baby sweaters.