Thursday, March 12, 2009

What a girl will do for an iPhone...

So, the iPhone craze that seems to have hit San Francisco and Silicon Valley (or the fact that EVERYONE has an iPhone except me) has not escaped me.

So, naturally, I decided I MUST have one, too. I mean, what's not to love?! Great apps, email, phone, photos, texting, Facebook, etc. all from one device. Not to mention I can put all my music and video on here too. MUST. HAVE. IPHONE.

How to convince Spouse to agree? He would frown on $300 just coming out of our bank account. And he'd wonder where I got the money for the snazzy new phone even if I "forgot" to tell him. Especially now, since he's been a bit upset about money after we did our taxes (we owe almost half the cost of his student loans and have to drain the savings account--grr), plus we're trying to save for a house and vacation and car... You get the point.

I thought I could use the Ebay biz money for an iPhone. Then, I came up about $100 short, not accounting for taxes (darn that government!) . So I did the only thing I could do: I begged. So, we made a wager.

Here it is: If I spend $0 for 32 days, I can get an iPhone. Starting on March 11 as Day 1 (yesterday), I cannot spend so much as $1 on a McDonald's McChicken sandwich until after April 11. Why 32 days? It was going to be 30, but I have 2 classes this month that require me to purchase materials. For those, we added 2 extra days. I need a hair cut, too, but he wouldn't allow it! SO SAD!!!

So, there you have it. $0 for 32 days. Can I do it? It's going to be tough, but I REALLY want an iPhone. So, I'm going to get creative. Anyone know where I can get a haircut in exchange for some hand-knitted socks?