Monday, March 02, 2009

Selling lots of stuff on ebay!

So, yeah, I went to Loehmann's this week and they were having a BLOWOUT sale! haha... I guess that means they were clearing out their clearance in insane ways. So, as part of my ebay-selling-experiment, I bought a bunch of stuff for super cheap and am passing on the savings via Ebay!! Seriously, you guys! It's so much stuff! I got Wacoal bras, John Varvatos Jeans, a bunch of stuff by Free People, Vera Wang, Nicole Miller, Diane Von Furstenburg, FCUK--it's CRAZY!! I've listed much of it up there already--men's and women's clothes, so take a look. If you have any ideas for me on where I can source my stuff or what would sell well, please let me know! :-)


mysterycreature 6:34 PM  

Dont you love selling on eBay?! It's so satisfying. Of course, not quite as satisfying as buying on eBay, hehe.