Thursday, February 26, 2009

Movie Screening: Two Lovers - San Francisco

Two Lovers

Hey, all, I went to see a screening of this movie in San Francisco last night, put on by GenArt with an afterparty at Bulldog in SOMA with drinks provided by Trumer Pils. It was pretty fun. The movie was very interesting. It's basically about a guy who seems to fall hard for women and he falls hard for two in paticular. It's an account of his journey in being with the two women. It was very artistic and well done. A bit slow, but not too bad--mainly in a way that shows realism and doesn't gloss over the details.

All the acting was very good and I'd recommend it if you want to see an intersting movie. I would say this is more of a DVD rental kind of movie, where you could sit back with some good knitting and knit your way through the slower parts, especially if you don't typically like slower movies.

I'd love to hear your thoughts when and if you see it!