Tuesday, February 24, 2009

USF Creative Justice Art Show

Me and Jonathon with his entry: Gloria.

This past weekend we went with my friend Jonathon to the USF Creative Justice Art Show. He was showing a photo in the exhibit. It was a joint project with the law school there and a student organization focusing on human rights. They had orators and lots of art. All the art had to be of, about, or pertaining to something related to human rights. It was all very deep and interesting. You've actually seen Gloria before because I posted this picture after working with homeless people in the Tenderloin. That's also when he snapped it.

Here's another interesting one:

And of course, my fashion for the evening:

Dress: Express
Blazer: Target
Leggings: Cutesygirl.com
Shoes: I forget
Scarf: Some market somewhere...
Bag: Ross

All Photos: Jonathon Reyes