Monday, February 09, 2009

How to get great deals on great clothes in a small town!

When living or shopping in a small town or city, one may feel limited to the knick knack and artsy variety. However, I have found some of the greatest deals of my life in small towns where no one seems to have great fashion sense. Why? Because no one has any fashion sense! That means all the cute, fashionable clothes are left for you!

Are you in a small town where no one knows any names of designers except Michael Kors, Coach, Isaac Mizrahi for Target, and Vera (gag) Bradley? If so, you probably don't find designer duds at your local mall, if you are lucky enough to have one. But, in most places in the country, where there's a mall, there's also a TJ Maxx or Marshall's. In a small town, one can find amazing deals on designer clothes there that aren't normally available in the same town!

For example, I just got back from Muncie, Indiana, a small city of 60,000 people. It's big enough to have a mall and a TJ Maxx. Having found great deals on such designer names as BCBG, 7 for all Mankind, Tahari, and Cynthia Stefe at the local TJ Maxx before, I went on a hunt. You'd never find these names at the local mall. Another bonus: Tax is cheaper (in some states, like PA and Oregon, there are NO taxes on clothes, so shop away!).

Here's what I bought (but I found OH SO MUCH MORE!):
1. Hudson Jeans - Retail $160. I paid $20.
2. Cashmere sweaters - Retail $80-100, I paid $15 for one and $20 for the other.
3. BCBG lounge pants - Retail $100, I paid $10
4. BCBG hooded lambswool/nylon tunic sweater - Retail $180, I paid $15
5. A large assortment of workout wear, including 2 Calvin Klein workout tops - Retail $20-$40 each, I paid $1-$5 each.
6. Samsonite Luggage - Retail $160+, I paid $29

Why? First of all, in a smaller city people don't have as much money, which means, they don't pay attention to designer names. It also means when they come to a place like TJ Maxx, they are looking for the cheapest possible item. They are more likely to buy the pair of Lee brand jeans for $9.99 than the Hudsons that (although cheaper than retail) are $80. Then the Hudsons keep getting marked down. First to $65 which is still far too expensive, then again to $40, then finally to $20. Then, they are on the clearance rack along with $5 and $7 pairs of jeans and still no one buys them. Why would they, when they could buy jeans for $5? See what I mean?

Other names I saw that aren't usually in small towns, but are at TJ Maxx: Max Studio, Calvin Klein, Express, Limited, and Lucky Brand.

You find all kinds of good buys this way. If you don't care for designer names, but like cute fashionable items, check out the local Goodwill. You probably won't find designer duds, but you will find cute vintage items that are back in style, but no one in the local area knows are in again! Score!


Adriana B. 12:11 AM  

I agree with you. In small towns or in towns where style equals jeans and t-shirt (+ sweatshirt when it snows) TJMaxx is a great place to find deals. I found Ugg sandals in a TX Maxx like that.