Friday, January 09, 2009

Handmade Custom Messenger Bag!

Well, this is one of the last projects I made during the Crazy Christmas Sewing Extravaganza (i.e. 2 weeks mostly off work and time to sew, sew, sew): A custom messenger bag for the husband. Husband asked me a week before I made this if I'd make him a manly bag that would carry his GameBoy DS, his Blackberry, a book, and a waterbottle in a neat package. He was resorting to plastic bags and wanted something nicer-looking with a longer, more functional handle.

So, after some sketching and questioning, we came up with a roughly 13 x 9 messenger bag, complete with inside pockets specifically for his items, an inner zip pocket, and a zippered pocket on the flap. It has a magnetic closure as well and the handle, which was recycled from a camera bag handle or something like that (I actually got the handle only from a lady on freecycle), clips on the bag.

Materials: Vinyl outside, cotton fabric inside, plastic and metal zips, magnetic closer. Random handle.

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