Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jacket me...

Well, I had my very last sewing class last night, where I showed my final project, this jacket. I promise to have pictures soon. But my teacher gave me a huge compliment. She told me she thought the jacket was ready to wear and didn't realize I'd made it until I got up in front of the class to show it. She said I was, "Really good" which is a compliment I don't think she would give out lightly. Especially with the expression on her face that seemed to be amazement. She's been sewing for at least 30 years in a professional capacity and has designed lines and written books. So this is a very, very big deal for me.

I can't wait to show you guys, but I thought I'd let you have the preview of the pattern first. Last night, we saw everyone's garments and I saw just about every pattern on McCall's jacket page and let me tell you, these are some great patterns! Well, I have the jacket, my dress, and a handbag to show you. And, I'm probably going to finish another bag for my Mother In Law soon, so I'll take pics of that. I should have some great things up here and for sale after Christmas, if you have any money left! :-)