Monday, November 10, 2008

New Shoes! Go to Neiman Marcus Last Call NOW!

I just bought THESE boots in brown for $170! YAY. Lest you fall over from the shock of me spending more than $30 on something, I spent my bonus from work. I also got Marc Jacobs flats for $56! ACK!

Went on my lunch break and NM last call has tons of shoes (and other non-shoes items) on clearance. All clearance is 20 to 75% off, with more things than you'd think being 75% off. Regular merch is 20% off. Then if you sign up for their credit card (or already have one) you get an additional amount off depending on how much you spend. I got an additional 15% off, so I'm the luckiest girl in the world and saved $600 and just got 2 fabulous pair of designer shoes! HOORAY!


Elliana 2:56 AM  

Fabulous design..! I will certainly shop at Neiman Marcus to get a pair of same designed shoes