Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fresh Faces in Fashion SF tonight AND I'm working on launching my store!

Hey, Readas, I'm going to Fresh Faces in Fashion SF tonight! YAY!!! I spent 1.5 hours working on my outfit last night (not including the last couple months I've spent thinking about it). I didn't get a purse made in time to take with me (boo), but hopefully what I'm bringing will suffice. I just don't want to look lame, ya know?

So, I wanted to let you know, too, that I'm working right now on launching some new stuff. I'm working on a new site: I'm having technical difficulties at the moment and I'll let you know when it's up. Hopefully by Jan 1, 2009. I'll have some time over Christmas to figure it out.

Second, I'm working on launching an Etsy store! Hooray! It should be at I don't have anything up yet, but I'm going to hopefully be loading a few things in time for Christmas. A few things I plan to sell starting out, anyway: 1. Custom Fabric Sewing labels, 2. Wool Knit Jersey scarves, and 3. Rolled purse handles.  And, being the cheapskate that I am, I plan to sell everything in my store for $10 or less, because I know what it' s like not to have or want to spend much money, but still have nice things. I'll let you know when it's launched. Wish me luck!


emily 12:41 PM  

OOO I'll buy!