Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I'm starting to see a trend in online shopping sites...

Man, people are entrepreneurial! And, more power to them. If only I was as clever and motivated... hm...

Anyway, I was so depressed by my last post, I had to post something a little happier, specifically, a trend I've been seeing in online shopping websites lately.

I've started getting invitations to a BUNCH of invitation-only luxury designer sample sales. At first I was like, "Oooo! Exclusive sample sale! Of course I'll join." Then, I got an invitation for another, then another. Suddenly I am now subscribed to no less than 8 different designer sample sales. Three of them are almost identical online sales. And the rest are variations of online or in person sales.

I thought of it today because I got the third invite today and I gotta say, they have some really fabulous deals on extremely high end fashion (like RTW runway, not just a brand, like Steve Madden). Soooo... in light of that, here's a list for you. If any of you decide you want to join these invite-only lists, put my email address down as the person who invited you because another addicting feature of some of these sites is that you get actual money if people join and/or buy stuff:

1. Gilt Groupe
2. Rue La La
3. Editor's Closet
4. Planet Lulu
5. Shop it to me
6. Billion Dollar Babes
7. Thewarehousesale.com
8. Yoox.com

The last one is more of an online all-the-time sample sale online and #6 and #7 are more about local sales. I've found some fabulous deals here in the past! Happy shopping