Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Feeling the need to make an abundance of purses

Oh for the love of Pete! All I can think about all day long is handbags. I was just looking at a friend's pictures and I noticed a handbag a girl had and I was like, "I have to make one like that."

Not because it was cute.

But because she was cute and had a good sense of style. And, the handbag looked easy to make. See what I mean about awkward interests? When, I ask you, will I possibly have time to make the 372 handbags I want to make?

Do you know how many tutorials I have printed out at work whilst daydreaming about purse-making and handbags? WAY, WAY too many (and probably about 25--haha). Hopefully my boss doesn't read this blog... Just kidding, Elaine! I promise it was during lunch... haha

Anyway, I found this website with tons of purse tutorials and now I have to make all of these handbags. Then, I'll design some of my own and use my rad new vinyl I just bought to make a super cool normal-looking one. YAY!