Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Finished designs

I've been a busy bee... although not as busy as I'd like to be... Hey, that rhymes!

Yeah, so this blog hasn't seen this much activity since my second trip to Europe a few years ago. But what can I say? Summer does this to me. And how else will I share all my fabulous projects?

So here's what I've been up to lately. I designed this halter top:

I was trying to go for the vintage look that's all the rage, but frankly something about the way the pleat looks in the front and the physics of the neck part, it doesn't quite look right on me. Maybe too maternityish or maybe it's just that I made it and I'm all paranoid about the flaws. Either way, though, it was a good tutorial on how to do more of the pleat-band-neckband stuff. So that's good.

I made this last night in about an hour. Shockingly easy. I got the idea from Quick Stuff to Make, but I modified the straps to be a halter instead of a V from the center. I can't wear a bra with it if I do it any other way... Plus this will help me have tan lines to match the bridesmaid's dress I'm wearing in Julia's wedding. It turned out pretty well and, it even looks good on, which is shocking!

This weekend I also finished another dress from a pattern and wore it all day on Saturday. Here's a picture from the weekend as a bit of a preview. It was cold in SF, so I was wearing a sweater and scarf that covered it up. But, I'll post more pics and a review on sewingpatternreview.com soon!

This is me and Leigh in Golden Gate park.