Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm an idiot

I did something and I didn't realize how stupid it was until now. I wonder what came over me? I thought I was above that. Jeez, don't you hate that? It's like when you are sewing on knit fabric and you haven't done it in a while so you forget how hard the stitches are to take out if you screw up. You use a knit stitch and you know you are sort of doing it wrong, but you're like, Oh well, it's probably not that big of a deal, right?

Then finally you get so far along that you are like, "Oh crap I shouldn't be doing that." Then you take it out of the machine and you look at it and you finally see it clearly from the big picture point of view and you're like, "oh wow. I really messed up. I can't believe I did that." You feel silly you kept going even though you knew from the beginning you shouldn't.

You know you can take out some stitches, but you might ruin the fabric. Or you might not, but there's no guarantee you won't. That's where I am now. Wearing the item while hoping I won't rip the fabric too badly in an attempt to take out some of the stitches. I just didn't think this ugly garment would be seen by people or spiral out so of control in the first place. It's a big shame that I had to look like such an idiot in the process. A big idiot.

Sometimes the best you can do is learn from the mistake. I'll be learning from this mistake, I hope. I only wish I didn't still have to face it.