Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Poop. There. I said it.

Anyone who thinks it's weird, gross, or inappropriate to talk about
your kid finally pooping in the potty does not understand what a HUGE
accomplishment it is. Especially if you have a kid who is reluctant to do so.

I am so dang proud of my little girl for FINALLY doing it! We tried everything to coax her into doing it: bribery, threats, coaxing, reading, doing nothing. And do you know what finally worked? My genius parenting idea. I'll tell you about it in a minute, but it turns out that when you are a parent you make mistakes 8/9 times. So the one time you do something that actually gets results makes you feel like a genius. So, my idea? She was telling us she wanted to poop in her diaper, which was a step above an accident in her pants. But it was getting old (and expensive) having to change her into a disposable diaper just to throw it in the trash in a few minutes. So, I told her she could poop in her diaper but ONLY if she sat on the potty while she had her diaper on. After the first time, I just took it off of her and all of a sudden she is actually doing it. So HOORAY!

Yep. I'm one of those parents who's talking about poop online. Go ahead and judge. But I am so happy about it I had to blog about it, so that should tell you how exciting it was for me. I know, I have no more life. Well, I actually have an awesome life and it just got a little awesomer now that my girl poops in the potty, so there.