Thursday, December 22, 2011

Play Kitchen Bloopers

Oh I know you all think I'm such a creative genius (haha).

So I thought I'd show you some I the serious mistakes I've been making
in this play kitchen besides multiple dings and dents from
over-zealous drilling, pounding and a screwing (why are all
woodworking terms also metaphors for sex?), I somehow miscalculated
the door closing mechanisms and I couldn't close it once the hinges
were on. So I had to manually shave down several parts of the door and
fittings to make it fit. Then I had to re-sand and prime and paint.

Another error: when gluing down the burners some glue seeped out that
I didn't clean up. Now I can't get it off so I'm pondering what to do
with that. If you have ideas let me know! I'm going to try a glue
remover but I might also paint over it. We shall see!

However, everything is nearly done! Just a few finishing touches and
then I'll do a big reveal post for you!