Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hula Baby

I freaking love my toddler. She is so freaking cute! And amazing. And interesting. It's so fun to watch her. In the above photo she's getting ready to go to a tikki party next door.

Yesterday we were in a waiting room and 2 kids came in. She was faced the other direction playing with some toys. At some point, she turned around and looked at the younger one who was probably around 4. She'd stare at him until he looked at her to get his attention then smile and turn back. She did this 3 or so times and the other kid was sort of doing the same. He would smile. It was like they were sharing some secret language. I sat there watching the exchange, completely amused. I wondered, "do all kids do this? Do they notice each other and naturally make friends right there?" I wondered if I did that when I was a kid. Maybe I did. I remember talking to other kids while my mom did things while we were out. I guess I'll find out! At any rate, it was so interesting to watch. I think Double's going to be an amazing social experiment! :-)