Thursday, August 05, 2010

Shrinkx Hips Review

Hey, Ladies,

The long awaited review is here. I'm finally about back to my pre-pregnancy weight so I can finally comment on this product.

I used it as instructed in the manual, I wore it from about 1.5 weeks postpartum to 8 weeks postpartum almost every single day during the day and not at night. I wore it 2 inches below my hips, as instructed.

Now, after losing most of the weight (minus about 5 lbs) I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans pretty well. Whether that would have happened without the Shrinkx Hips is hard to say. I can say for sure that since I am at least back to the same size I was before pregnancy, so if my hips would have gotten bigger, then Shrinkx Hips worked.

I will say this: I think it is surprising that I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and I still have 5 lbs left to lose, so that may mean the Shrinkx Hips did work and I am actually now smaller than I was before because the extra padding isn't keeping me from fitting in them. If, in a few fewer pounds I am smaller than I was before, I will edit this post and claim it really did work!

Here's what I thought about the product in general:

*It was easy to wear under clothes. No one knew I had it on.
*It was easy to use.
*I didn't have to sleep with it on.
*It stayed in place well and didn't inhibit my ability to sit, stand, or move around. It didn't move when I moved either. I even worked out with it on--like running, walking, the elliptical, biking, etc.

*It didn't fit me the way it shows the model on the package. It fit me by sort of folding in on itself somewhat around my hip area (fitting almost like a rubber band), this caused it to be hard to make sure it was fitting evenly over my hip area. Also the velcro stopped fitting onto itself and became irritating to my skin where it was exposed to it. This is my biggest complaint.
*It was sometimes hard to tell whether I was adjusting my underwear, the Shrinx Hips product, or my pants when I'd sit down. It would feel like it was riding up sometimes, but for the most part it actually stayed in place really well.
*I don't see how you could wear this over any piece of clothing. First of all it looks funny. Second, that's when it rides up and sometimes off your hips completely and, third, it makes it really hard to go to the bathroom! Every time you go you have to unstrap it. So it's best worn under your underwear and then wearing it when you pee, which is perfectly fine. it doesn't get in the way at all.

*Edit 4/19/2011: I'm now 10 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight and I can DEFINITELY tell that my hips are now shaped differently! The top part of my hips were always a bit wider than the lower part making it hard for me to find pants and making me more curvy than I would like. But now, my shape is changed! That part of my hips is NOTICEABLY smaller and what I wanted for many years. Now I can fit into all kinds of pants with no problems, including a full size smaller than I've ever been able to wear. I'm 100% positive that this is the result of Shrinkx Hips and I'm SO GLAD I decided to use this product now. Much cheaper than surgery and something you can't do with surgery anyway! Hooray for Shrinkx Hips! I'm a convert!


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Thanks so much for taking the time to review Shrinkx Hips! We love reading both the pros and the cons by real users.

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