Saturday, May 01, 2010

Road Trip!

So tomorrow, my family (gosh it feels weird to say that) is going on a 3 week road trip around the Pacific Northwest. I'll try to keep you updated on here a bit. I'm looking forward to lots of knitting time and, when I return, I will be publishing my nursing top pattern.

Here's our itinerary:
May 1: Travel to Lassen National Park
May 2: Explore Lassen
May 3: Drive to Portland (9 hours! eek!)
May 4: Explore Portland
May 5: Drive to Vancouver
May 6-8: In Vancouver
May 9: Drive to Seattle area to stay with family
May 10-15?: In Seattle area
May 16: Drive to Portland
May 17: Explore Portland
May 18: Drive somewhere to the middle of Cali, maybe Arcata, CA?
May 19: Arrive back in the bay area or else stay in Arcata or somewhere else.

Wish us lots of fun!