Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Belly Bandit vs. Shrinx Hips

A friend of mine just told me about the Belly Bandit. You've probably seen this in relation to Kourtney Kardashian.

It basically claims to do the same thing as the Shrinx Hips, but with the stomach area. I'm not sure I think it's that great, but maybe someone who's used it can weigh in.

The hormone relaxin in your body post-pregnancy affects your bones and other hard ligaments. Not exactly your muscles and organs, which is pretty much all that exists in your belly area. I guess that this product could help your muscles go back to where they should be faster and certainly your rib cage, but for me, this isn't the area I care about. My upper body looks fairly flat these days (or maybe that's just because my boobs are twice as large). It's my hips that need attention. I want to change my BONES! I want my hips to be smaller. Because, lets face it ladies, you can work on your muscles any other day, but once that hormone leaves your body, you can't do anything else about your frame and bones. And, I don't want to think about that later when I'm wondering what I could have done to make myself smaller later!

On the other hand, maybe my body type is one where I don't really require a product that helps my belly, but rather my hips. I've always been very curvy with a small waist and minimally sized belly. So something that shrinks my belly area isn't as appealing as something that shrinks my hips. But maybe I will be singing a different tune when I lose the boobs...