Saturday, February 27, 2010

Easing back into fashion...

So this week I went shopping for the first time in many, many months. At this point in my pregnancy it's not really possible for me to shop for myself. I have no idea what size I will be when the pregnancy is over, plus I can barely remember what clothes I currently own. Then there's the whole issue of having to find tops that are easy to wear when I'm nursing. And, of course, I can skip over the entire maternity section because I'll only be pregnant for at most another 2 weeks.

BUT I am still reading my beloved Elle magazine, watching project runway, and dreaming of clothes I can make and buy post-baby once I figure out my size and such. I'm sewing alot and trying to build my skills as much as I can. Right now I'm working on nursing bras and I'm going to try to design a nursing top from one of those, so hopefully I can make something semi-cute and fashionable.

For now, I'm focusing on the areas of fashion I love and it always comes back to shoes for me. I love shoes. I love the great styles of shoes out now--all chunky and delicious. All the heels are so massive and fun and ankle boots and variations of boots are so great, even for spring! I love it! I hope I'll be able to get back into my cute shoes and wear heels without too much teetering post-baby. Anyway, I thought you'd all be glad to know that I'm easing back into fashion. I made a cardigan sweater this week for post baby that I'll try to show you at some point on here. For now, it's hanging in my closet. And I think I'm going to start knitting something for me, too. I've made so much baby stuff, I think it's time for me to have something!