Friday, January 15, 2010

Your shoes say alot about you...

Been meaning to post this for weeks. Been on hiatus due to baby stuff. I'm hoping that once I can fit into regular clothes again (and can upload some pics of my latest pregnancy outfits), I'll be blogging more often. In the meantime, I update more regularly on my baby blog here.

Having a background in Communication and Psychology, I tend to observe people and draw conclusions from my observations. It's no different with fashion. And even if I never saw your clothes, just looking at the shoes in your closet I can tell a lot about you. Here is some of my fashion psychology. I grabbed a few pictures of flats from These may be too easy, so next time I'll do heels:

This animal-print flat says that you 1) Appreciate your comfort or don't like heels and 2) You still want to look a little edgy and cute. You probably aren't extremely into fashion, but have an idea of the trends around you and make an effort to look nice without standing out too much. The animal print is your way of saying that you are a little edgy.
If you wear this oxford, chances are you are young and/or very into fashion. Your closet is probably filled with the latest edgy trends and you pride yourself on how you put them together. You work hard to make yourself current with fashion.

These comfort mary-janes tell me that you try to look cute, but are probably a conservative dresser. You refuse to wear shoes without proper support and comfort and hope to look nice doing it. Most likely you are over 30 and you either live somewhere rural or your friends would call you "earthy" or "outdoorsy". You probably don't care much for fashion or the latest trends, but still like to look put together when you leave your house, even if it's in casual, comfortable clothes.
This pink sneaker screams "streetwear." You probably are from or living in a working class neighborhood and you like looking sporty or street-chic. You pride yourself on looking good and get your hair and nails done regularly. You probably also like Ed Hardy and anything Playboy. You keep these bad boys clean all the time. They will never turn gray. Ever.
If you own this white sneaker, you are probably over 45. You wear them with jeans and not to the gym. Maybe you bought them for taking a vacation where you will walk a lot or just to run errands. Either way, you really don't care about fashion. You care about comfort and what you like. Maybe you'd LIKE to care about fashion, but you don't really know where to start. You were probably a stay-at-home mom, but now have kids that are grown or older and are trying to find a place for yourself in the world.

I would love to hear what you guys think. Am I way off or does this describe you? Do you think the shoes are cute and don't fit the mold? Let me know!


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