Monday, December 14, 2009

Fashion, sewing, knitting...

Hey, all, so I'm super boring! I haven't posted anything on here but contests in awhile, so I'll give you a quick update. I was telling Aaron this week about how interesting it is that pregnancy is giving me a chance to sort of relax in a lot of ways I never allowed myself to before. Before, I was always looking for my next career choice, personal fullfillment avenue, the latest and greatest fashion, etc. I was all over the place.

The baby has given me some focus. For one thing, there's very little shopping I can do. And what shopping I can participate in will only last me a few more months, thus, investing in the latest fashion is somewhat of a moot point. So, that's why I haven't posted anything fashion-y on here in a long time. I still follow fashion, but I'm less interested in pursuing it constantly. As long as I know the general trends and stay with them during and after pregnancy, I'll be happy. I've also stopped wearing heels for the most part--hence why there's no posts on something that should fit me no matter what--shoes. But don't worry, ladies, I'm definitely not wearing anything you would describe as "comfortable." God forbid! My Marc Jacob flat mary janes and flat Fornarina boots are my best friends!

The baby has also given me a focus in the knitting and sewing area as well. I've sewn 2 really fabulous maternity items (for me, they are fabulous, because I never made anything I actually wore so often that was good quality before this) in record time, along with all kinds of baby crap and Christmas gifts. I've knitted a full maternity sweater, baby gifts for my friends, and am now embarking on making a ridiculous number of baby hats, mittens, and socks for my future baby.

Before, I would start a project and slowly get around to making it. Now, I'm motivated with a deadline and I have a lot to show for it. Maybe I should set more deadlines in the future so I get more sewing done!