Thursday, June 04, 2009

Finished Projects!!!

So, I totally forgot to show you guys this picture. On my way back from Europe, in the Amsterdam airport, I sat right across from these 2 ladies working on needle projects! The one on the left is crocheting and taught me a new pattern for potholders that is super easy and the one on the right is knitting a sock. I pulled out my knitting and we had a right good chat!

Here is the braided scarf I've been working on for what feels like 10 years, but is actually 2 months. Didn't it turn out great?! I love the way the colors twist and warp! I wish it were a little thicker though.

Socks for Dad! These are what I knitted while on the planes to and from Europe and at the hotel. Boy, did they go fast! I'm definitely going to take socks on a trip with me again! Great gifts and a way to pass the time.
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