Friday, June 12, 2009

Fashion Bash Review: Institute Liberal, Effie's Heart, Klub Nico and more!

I went to fashion bash and found some fabulous new and interesting clothing designers! Most of them were local and the lines were small enough that I got to meet the designers right there! I'm now a big fan of some new lines of clothing I want to share with you.

First, Institute Liberal. I could not find a website and online I found only a couple stores selling random stock, so keep an eye out. The designer himself was there (didn't catch his name) and his clothes were unique and fun without being childish. A little punk, a little casual, a little edgy, and still fashionable and feminine. I was surprised to find a line that held my interest with lots of little details--leather appliques, embroidery, lace, and screen printing.

Next, I met Kimo from Effie's Heart and OMG, these clothes were amazing. She has somehow mastered the art of comfortable fashion. The clothes were cut well for many female body types and the fabric was perfect (I don't say this lightly, believe me). It was excellent quality--silks, cottons, hardly any synthetics, and thick or lined. My favorite dress was the sweetheart dress (the red one above). It was a silk knit (YUM!) and fully lined. It was cut perfectly and gorgeous. What's more, is the price was only $86 retail. Frankly, this is the kind of thing I'd see from Tahari or DVF for at least $500, so I was really impressed with the quality. Kimo herself is incredibly fun and nice. Definitley buy this line if you can!

Finally, I met Kelley from Klub Nico. I tried on a lot of her shoes and they were VERY comfortable. She's another local designer based out of the Santa Cruz area.
Her shoes seem to be very well made and cute! Every pair I tried was sexy AND comfortable, which is hard to do. Her shoes are made in Brazil and surprisingly inexpensive for the quality. Consider this line, too!

Yay! Indy designers! I'm starting to really see the value in supporting local independent designers. I'm becoming more and more impressed at the good deals for high value of lesser-known names. You just have to know a bit about quality (spend an hour feeling all the clothes in Saks or Neiman Marcus and you'll figure it out) and you're all set. What do you know? I might be a convert for paying full retail on indy fashion yet...


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