Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Iphone Bet Update: Day 14 and Nearly Halfway There!

the darling Spouse and I are still on for the bet. He thought I couldn't do it, but I haven't caved yet.

Some interesting things have come up since I started this: a birthday, a bridal shower, and I needed a haircut BAAAAD. So I got creative and made presents for my friend's birthday and the bridal shower, and decided to wait until after the bet was over for a haircut. When I told the Husband he said a haircut was okay, as long as it was cheap. So I went down to the beauty school for a $10 haircut, which he approved. While there, they said I could really use a protein treatment for my hair. So, instead of paying $6 for one or buying the $18 box of 6 treatments, I decided to try a home remedy--eggs. Didn't work, but I'm going to try mayo and olive oil next. I'll let you know how it goes.

The first couple of days were the hardest. It's like a money diet: I didn't know how bad I was until I started the diet! I used to think nothing of stopping for Starbucks, ice cream, lunch, or a drink out with friends. But now that I can't spend money, I see how they would add up if I hadn't been in this bet.

Now I think ahead. Might get hungry later? Bring a snack instead of buying one. Wanna have dinner and drinks with friends? Have them over instead of going out. Need to get something? Why not try to make it or live without it for awhile? Just about everything you really need, except food, can be made at home. Presents can be made, found, or re-gifted. Things can be cleaned instead of purchasing new ones. Cleaning solutions can be made with vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. You don't HAVE to buy everything. Not that I can't buy cleaning products, but I'm just saying...

The funniest thing about this bet is how other people react. I've had quite a few reactions of "Oh my goodness, well, let me buy you X, then." And I protest, knowing I really am fine without it. But people seem genuinely concerned. When I explain the exceptions and that I can buy groceries and such they relax, but even then, I think they are uncomfortable about my being restricted. However, I don't feel restricted. It's kind of fun and I'm amazed my resourcefulness.

It makes me wonder how we got to be this way in America. The idea that we need to spend money to be happy and we have to purchase everything when people used to live without many things for years or make them. This is an interesting and valuable excercise more Americans could stand to try!