Friday, March 20, 2009

A Hair Story...

My hair has been through a lot in the last year and I thought it would be kinda fun to show a pictorial representation of exactly what it's been through...

It all started with one day when I thought, "I wonder what it would be like to be blonde?" So I got some highlights in my natural color. Seen here:

After about a month of that I was like, "Screw it. I want to flat out change the whole thing. But, should I go dark or light? Hmmm..." Fall was in a few months and I wanted to be fashionable. Darker and lighter were both in. So I went to the hairstylist and told him my dilemna. This is the result:

I didn't really love the red and I certainly wasn't ready for it. So after that was over I made him turn me blonde, which got gradually lighter over the months:

Until one day a few weeks ago I went to a hair stylist who promised he could lighten my hair without bleach? The result? Well, first Orange/white/orange semi-striped hair (horizontal stripes--don't ask), then ashy hair with orange roots, then orange roots and green hair. Pictured here (yeah, and I look about as happy as I felt having green hair):

After the green ordeal I decided to make the hair guy turn me back to brown. Since I debated about going that way before I even started going blonde, I thought it might be fun. And since my choices were green hair or possibly it falling out because of bleaching and coloring it 5 times in the last 2 weeks, I decided brown was the safest way to avoid being bald:

And, now I love it! :-)


Anonymous 9:49 PM  

Well, now for sure when we're together they'll say we look alike!