Monday, January 05, 2009

Finished Fashion (lots of pics!)

Well, as predicted, I've been a busy bee over the holidays. I finally finished lots of projects that I've had sitting around for awhile. And, now, I can share them all with you!

Here goes:

Scarf for sale on Etsy (I have 3 so if you want one, I'll let you have it for $10):

Restyled men's shirt to cute girly shirt. Doesn't fit me so might also be for sale soon:

Clutch made of vinyl and satin with inside zip pocket and metallic closures. This one's been in my head for awhile!


Gray vinyl tote - this bag is HUGE and can fit tons of knitting which I love! My own design - lots of pockets inside.

Another gray bag: vinyl and fabric. I had this in my head for a week or so before I could create it in reality. I think I like how it turned out though:

I especially love how the rings on the side turned out. I thought it was fun and creative. Note the large zippered pocket on the inside. Maybe a little close to the top... we'll see for next time:

Here's me and my friend Leigh on New Year's Eve. I'm wearing the skirt I made with a stretch lace top I just finished. I also made leggings out of the same fabric. It was rather weird to work with in that I should have stretched it before cutting it or made it 2 sizes smaller. I took 2 inches out on the sides and it is still big! I took 4 inches out of the leggings and they are just about right now:

Close-up of the top:

I just finished a couple more things a few days ago that I need to show you! I'm very proud of them and I'm definitely getting better with working with vinyl, so that is great! Now I need to work on technique. I'm currently looking for an internship of some kind. If you know of anyone in the fashion industry who would like an unpaid intern let me know. I am looking to learn from a designer, a tailor, a dressmaker, a retail store, a small business--anything, as long as it relates!

Oh, and guess what I watched the whole time I made all this stuff? Project Runway Seasons 1 and 2! HAHAHAHAHA!!