Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fresh Faces in Fashion SF pics

So, I'm waiting for the official Gen Art pics, but in the meantime, here's at least one pic from the show. This piece is gorgeous and by Whew! It was fun and there were several amazing designers: Christopher Collins, Louisa Parris, Odile Odette, Serial Cultura, Sofie Olgaard, ├╝ba

And these accessories designers: Anyi Lu, Helena de Natalio, Joy O Designs, and O'Lover Hats.

I really loved the pieces by Louisa Parris. They were all very silky and flowy, but with bold, statement blocks of color. The other remarkable stand-out designer was Serial Cultura. Everything about their peices were interesting. Most notably, their fabric was rich knits with unique prints. Those stand-out prints reminded me a little of DVF and Missoni, in that they were memorable and signature. I think we will probably see much more of these guys. Christopher Collins and Odile Odette had some pleasant surprises--very feminine and fun. However, I wasn't blown away by Sofie Olgaard. The pieces in that collection were rather cottony and boring. No incredible details. Just plain. Some people may get into that, but not me.

As for uba, well, the models were hot and the first jacket on the catwalk was nice. But, his propensity for pockets that ripped off were the most memorable piece of that line. By the way, the models were all really short in person! It was shocking! Especially the men! Weird, eh?

This pick shows my friend Leigh sporting the rad umbrella that came in our goodie bag... It says Botox on it--hahahaha! They were there not for what you'd think, but for underarm sweating instead. Um, yeah, like anyone would admit to that at a fashion show. Then again, it is SF, so you never know...

Me, sporting a hat from O'Lover Hats. All very, very beautiful. This one, of course, is my favorite!

Overall, it was a pretty fun time. Got some good drinks, met some cool people, and saw some friends, specifically one I hadn't seen in awhile, which was very cool. You can see more photos here.


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