Saturday, November 08, 2008

FO's! And my Etsy store is up! Hooray!

Last night I did a photo shoot with my friend Jonathon. I've been wanting to get some decent photos of my outfits and FO's for awhile. Then I met him and found out he's a photographer who wants to take more photos and viola! Here we are! So, I'm writing this to show you so many cool things! First, I have finished lots of items I'm FINALLY getting around to showing you.

Second, I opened my Etsy store today! Only scarves on there right now, but I will very, very soon be adding additional scarves and maybe even a few handbags! Hooray! Just in time for the Christmas season! Above is one of the pictures displaying the scarves I am currently selling on Etsy.

This is my version of the Labarynth by Wendy Bernard from Stitch Diva Studios. The black yarn was a random 100% linen yarn I found on a cone in a yarn swap. From Belgium. The green yarn is also from a yarn swap and is Classic Elite Wool 80%/Cotton 20% blend. Not sure the name... It was easy to knit up and wears fantastically! I highly recommend it!

I'm holding another item I plan to sell on Etsy, but I haven't listed it yet. I originally designed it to be a clutch, but it ended up becoming a sort of big envelope/possible laptop sleeve instead. Inside is polyester satin recycled from a very old shirt. It is lined with thick interfacing, so the envelope is very thick and sturdy. It would definitely keep a laptop safe. The outside fabric is unknown, but I'm guessing it's VERY expensive fabric. I bought it as a remnant from a lady at a flea market and I could tell she wanted to charge me a ton for it, although she didn't. I'm going to guess it's either silk or a very fine cotton or wool. The embellishment on the front is an amazing gilded thing. i don't know what it is, but the fabric is FAN-CY!

This is a sweater of my own design that I just finished. I needed a sweater dress for fall, so I knitted this one on size 15 needles with some Lion Brand Thick 'N' Quick I had lying around. Buttons are random. If anyone is interested, I can make a pattern!

All Photos: Jonathon Reyes
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Donkey 1:21 PM  

<3 your striped sweater!