Monday, August 04, 2008

Cell phone case

So, I made this cell phone case a while ago to hold my headset on one side and cell phone on the other. The cell phone part has no flap so I can reach in and take it out when I need it (which is way more often than the headset) and the headset part has the button, so it doesn't come out. Gotta love those cell phone driving laws. It took a lot of trial and error before I got what I wanted. I made 2 that were 2 small and 2 that were too big or awkwardly shaped before I got this one. Since it only took about 15 mins to make and cost maybe $.50 for the materials, I could totally sell these babies! I might be looking into it, soon...

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alfred 12:05 AM  

Actually, if you look at it, it really is not that expensive to buy original. Most people might opt to buy an original mobile phone case without being aware that you can actually get them elsewhere! This is very true indeed - especially now that the telecommunications industry is still one of the best performing industries in the world, certain companies have found ways to lower the cost of original parts.