Monday, July 07, 2008

Weekend Report: Camping in the Sierras

We went camping this weekend with some friends to a place called Lake Alpine up in the Sierras. It was gorgeous! More pics are available here. It was a nice time of restoration and relaxation although we didn't do as much outdoorsy stuff as we thought we'd do. It has to have been one of the best camping trips I've ever had. Minimal smoke and campfire stuff, excellent weather (not too hot or too cold), and fun people! Can't beat that!

The smoke from the wildfires were also no where near us, so it was clear and beautiful all the time. I guess we were up in altitude quite a bit so the hike to get to this majestic photo op left me winded like a fat lady going upstairs. It was a great trip, though, and I highly recommend you all go get some mountain air sometime soon.