Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My list of frequently-visted blogs is growing...

It comes as no surprise to those of you who know me that I like crafty stuff and I like the Internet. Probably that's why I blog about crafts...

When I first started knitting, there was no LYS near me and no one else I knew that knitted. At that time I was more into crocheted fashion and trying to knit scarves only until I got the hang of it. So... I searched online for crochet patterns for cute fashion and stumbled into blog-land and a community of people who were crafty like me!

One blog, Erica B's DIY style (see blog list on the left) introduced me to my first sweater pattern, resulting in the first sweater I ever made. Since that time, I taught several people to knit, who in turn taught their friends to knit, starting a small community of knitters. Then a LYS popped up and I met more knitters. But I still came back to blog-land for ideas on projects, see what others were working on.

Now, blog land is spiralling out of control. I'm finding blogs--established blogs, at that--from every one of my interests that no one else I know is into. Everything from street fashion to crafty ideas to sewing to DIY ANYTHING and I can't get enough!

I thought you'd appreciate knowing that the list of blogs is there and I'm adding to it actively. Feel free to have a look if you feel so inclined. And, I forgot to mention, please visit and support handmade artists and crafty people, like me!

If you want, you can even take the handmade pledge:
I Took The Handmade Pledge!