Friday, July 11, 2008

Color Study by Seasons

So I know it might sound totally obvious, but I thought I would post my observations about fashion colors by season. Not so much what's hot now as much as classical acceptable colors that act as guidelines for both designers and dressers alike. I was thinking about it yesterday when deciding what to wear for a night out in pretentious Santana Row (and yes, Jeremy, I am mentioning it just for you-HA!). I was deciding whether it would be okay to wear a black floral dress I bought in fall/winter for a summer time evening. Here are my conclusions:

1. Evening wear is darker and heavier than daytime wear.
2. From lightest colors to darkest colors (in general) the seasons are: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
3. Each season can wear most colors from the next season, with the exception of Winter (sort of--see #7).
4. Sometimes fashion allows you to break the rules (for example, winter white, Black for all seasons, certain "hot" colors of the moment, etc.).
5. In general, don't wear light florals, light fabric, or bright colors at night or during fall and winter.
6. The thickest, darkest colors are best saved for winter.
7. The palest colors are worn in spring and can work for winter if the fabric isn't too light.
8. When choosing color pay attention to fabric heaviness. The lighter the fabric, the more summery it is. The heavier the fabric the more wintery it is.
9. Resort wear is summer with winter colors, not summer wear.

There that should do it. Feel free to post comments on what else I might be missing.


Jeremy 3:50 PM  

Haha, thanks for the honorable mention! What the hell was I thinking wearing that heavy black winter blazer last night? If only you would have posted this yesterday.