Sunday, June 29, 2008

Living the Dream...

Interesting that my friend Julia mentioned this was "my dream." Because after she said it, I realized it was true. Last night I got a chance to live a dream--the dream I've had since I moved to CA and near a city.

It was. Spectacular.

The lovely evening began with a round of feeding my creativity at a fabric store, indulging my creativity and boosting my creative ego. That was followed by a jolly galavant through trendy shops and bars where we proceeded to visit a trendy vintage shop where my friend purchased a blazer. Since he's male, the blazer complemented his already stylish outfit to create a wealthy, young urban professional image.

We picked up another friend, also wearing a blazer, putting him in the same well-dressed, urban professional category. We then proceeded to get lattes at (where else?) Starbucks before we all headed to a show to meet other, well-dressed young urban professionals who are all taking an improv class together.

After the show we went out to a wine bar where I was surrounded by well-dressed, refined, professional San Franciscans. All around the same age. Which here, means, between 25 and 55. The same age, by the way, as "middle-aged," fat family men or overweight, depressed single women in the midwest. The difference? There's no such thing here as too old. You're only as young as you act or feel. I love Urbania. And I LOVE San Francisco.

It was a lovely night of good conversation and general merriment. And I got to live the dream. The glamorous, well-to-do, highly fashionable urban dream.