Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Designing is fun!

I am in a designing frenzy. FRENZY! Well, actually, designing isn't the correct word. The correct word is creating because I've been using commercial patterns. Or, rather, I purchased 6 commercial patterns because joann's is having a sale and I want to learn some sewing skills so on the list of projects are:

1. Shorts E from Simplicity 3773 (above).
2. Dress B from Simplicity 3733 (above).
3. Dress A from Simplicity 2998.
4. Dress B from Simplicity 3539 (above).
5. Dress B from Simplicity 3778.

Also, sometime, Dress A from Simplicity 3533 and everything from Simlicity 2925.

Maybe I have an obsession with dresses... hmmm... It's just they are so easy to make! I'm making all the projects without zippers and not made of knits first... except maybe the shorts because I think they will be FAST! YAY for fast!