Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What I learned about the beach...

Okay, so I'm not sure how I knew this. Maybe it was a nasty surprise when I went to San Francisco (that it was FREEZING on the beach). Maybe it's the 2 weeks I've spent with confusing weather (hot during the day, cold at night). Maybe I remember Santa Barbara from my uncle's wedding 5 years ago being really cold.

Somehow I knew the Cardinal rule for going to beaches in Nothern California: Don't bring your swimsuit, bring a sweater (or 2).

That's right. Beaches are COLD here. It was probably about 60 or 65 degrees if we were lucky. The sun makes you warm, but the wind makes you colder than the sun makes you warm. So, you accidentally get sunburned even when you are cold! But seriously, I had 2 shirts and a warm sweater on and I was still a little cold. That made it hard to be on the beach for any length of time.

Casey didn't know this and decided that (coming from the desert-y south as he does) he would go swimming since we were going to the beach. So he did. We found out later the water could not have been warmer than 60 degrees. He stayed in for a few seconds, but it was ice cold (I know I stuck my toes in it) so he got out quickly.

But, Aaron and I were freezing while he was in his trunks. HAHA! (see photo)
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