Monday, May 21, 2007

This week's adventures

I know, I know, this is not the highly anticipated remainder of the drive out here that I'd hoped. I do promise to get to that, but it takes time, which I haven't had yet.

But, to update you on how things are going:

We have finally unpacked--mostly. Things are still not organized. Once they are, I promise to take lots of pictures of our apartment so you can be proud of how well I squeezed 1000 square feet of stuff into 500. (My secret, start shoving stuff under the bed)

The first week of work was good. It is faster-paced here than what I am used to. I work with a great group of people, which is great.

On my very first day of I almost got a ticket! Not even for driving, either!

The group took me to lunch and we all went in different cars (carpooling, of course). I rode in the back seat of one car. When I got in on one side I noticed there was no seatbelt, so I slid over to the side that did have a seatbelt. (I was the kid who in first grade complained to the bus driver that the bus didn't have seatbelts, then subesquently scolded him for not wearing his). Obviously, seatbelts are important to me!

Two other people decided to join us at the last minute, but they didn't get the benefit of the seatbelts, since there weren't any. We got to the restaurant, had lunch. On the ride back, the other two without seatbelts decided to ride with another person because they didn't want to risk getting a ticket for not wearing them. So, I sat in the spot I had earlier and, of course, immediately put on my seatbelt.

No sooner had we pulled out of the parking lot than a police car pulled us over. He asks the driver for license and registration, then he turns to me in the back and asks me for ID. I ask why and he says, "You weren't wearing your seatbelt."

Clearly, this is an insult to me as I sat in this seat on purpose specifically to wear a seatbelt, so I argued with him, "yes, I was."
"No, maam, you weren't. When you came around the corner you weren't."
"Sir, I was wearing my seatbelt. In fact, I sat in this seat specifically so I could wear the seatbelt."
The rider in the passenger side agreed with me.

Finally he comes back and said to me, "Maam, please wear your seatbelt from now on." We didn't get a ticket. Whew! But what a way to introduce me to California seatbelt laws!


Well, I have so much more to say but I've got to run. I have some good comparisons of this area to London, so I'll have to fill you in later. For now, all you need to know is that I went to Great America park and got season tickets yesterday. WOO HOO!